Paper: What Choices Do You Have?

Your paper choice can completely change the way your invitation looks and feels.

Although there are many different types of paper, I’ll only be touching on a few here – linen, solid, felt, metallic and wood grain embossed. Each of these have a different texture and a different cost involved. While I can’t show how it feels, I can tell you how it feels from a stationer and guest standpoint.

We’ll start with the most commonly known:


Rustic Invitations by Designs by Kayla

This is the type you see most often. It’s usually a standard, high quality and thick cardstock. Out of all of the types of paper I will discuss, this is usually the most inexpensive. It’s a smooth finish and pretty standard – and it’s usually the type of paper used if it’s not mentioned otherwise. This is a great paper to use on any of your stationery needs.


Linen paper is slightly rough and emulates the look of linen cloth with lifted grooves giving it a textured feel. This is what I call the next step up in paper quality from the solid paper. To give an idea on pricing, I usually charge an additional 5 cents per piece to upgrade to this paper. I ALWAYS suggest at least this level because it gives the invitation a different feel that sets it apart. This is good for invitations, backing, envelopes, save the dates and thank yous – basically anything your guests will be actually touching.


This has got to be my FAVORITE paper type. It’s a velvety smooth texture that’s not completely unlike its namesake. It’s usually slightly higher priced than the linen, but is completely worth it. I usually charge about 10 cents extra per piece. This is the same as the linen on what to use it for. The only thing I would add is that it is so much fun to use these for envelopes.


Detail Ring Shot with Vintage Invitation and Florals - Photo by Courtney May Photography
This is a shimmery pearlescent paper that is usually gold or silver, however there are many different colors that can be used. This is normally used as a backing for layering or envelopes, but can be used for laser cut enclosures, belly bands, and even invitations if desired. This is a higher end paper, which makes it more expensive. Depending on what it is used for, the cost could be anywhere between 10 and 30 cents extra per piece.


Wood Grain Embossed Paper
For the rustic or outdoorsy type and themes, this is THE perfect type of paper to use for invitations. This paper creates a embossed wood texture on the paper, which makes it feel like you are touching a tree – and looks like it too! The only thing is that I recommend printing on the back, as it’s smooth. If you print on the front, you will most likely not be able to print everything flawlessly. The raised edges causes misprints. I usually recommend printing on the back for invitations or using it as a backing for layering.


What’s your favorite paper type?
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